Synthesis, Characterization and Spectroscopic Studies on the Interaction Between 𝞫-Casein and Co)II( Schiff Base Complex

Document Type : Regular Article


Department of Chemistry, Bandar Abbas Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bandar Abbas 7915893144, Iran


In this study, the Co (II) complex of a Schiff base was synthesized and characterized. The in vitro binding behavior of this complex with β-Casein (β-CN) was investigated by using biophysical techniques. For evaluation the thermodynamics parameters of interactions between Schiff base complex and β-CN,the fluorescence data at different temperatures were done. The results showed that complex demonstrated a considrable binding affinity to β-CN and the process is enthalpy driven. The β-CN conformation was also changed through inducing a more unfolded structure. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer was used in order to estimating the distance between donor (β-CN) and acceptor (complex). As well as ligand and its complex were involved with different bacteria (Escherichia coli, Bacillus subbtilis, staphylococcus aureus) for the purpose of check the inhibitory action of compounds. The results displayed that the metal complex has further antimicrobial activities than ligand. All these experimental results propose that β-CN might act as carrier protein for Co(II) complex to deliver it to the target molecules.