Estimating the Acoustical Parameters and Molecular Interactions of n-Butylammonium perchlorate in Mixed Organic Solvents in the Temperature Range 298-328 K

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1 DAV College, Chemistry Department, Chandigarh, India


3 Joint Director (Retd.) Higher Education, Haryana, Panchkula-134109, India

4 D.A.V.College Chemistry Department, Chandigarh-160011, India

5 D.A.V.College, Chemistry Department, Chandigarh-160011, India


A study of the interactions in non-aqueous system containing n-Butylammonium perchlorate is presented. The densities and ultrasonic velocities of n-Butylammonium perchlorate in binary mixtures of Acetonitrile and Dimethylsulfoxide at the temperature range from 298 to 328K under atmospheric pressure were measured. The binary mixtures contain 20, 40, 60 and 80 mol% of Dimethylsulfoxide and the concentration range taken is from 0.03-0.28 mol kg-1. Anton Paar density and sound velocity meter was used for measurement of densities and ultrasonic velocities. The experimental data have been employed to calculate various acoustical parameters like isentropic compressibility (βs), intermolecular free length (Lf), relaxation strength (r), specific acoustic impedance (Z), relative association (RA), Wada’s constant (W), Rao’s constant (R), Vander walls constant (b), molar volume (Vm) and free volume (Vf). The results of the derived acoustical parameters have been discussed as a function of salt concentration, solvent composition and temperature. Overall results shows appreciable solute-solvent interactions in Dimethylsulphoxide rich region of the binary mixtures studied and the extent of these interactions have been found to be decreasing with rise in temperature.