Curcumin and Curcumin Derivatives as Green Corrosion Inhabitor-A Review

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Department of Chemistry, Presidency University, Bangaluru-560064, India



Corrosion is a phenomenon wherein metal gets degraded when it gets exposed to the environment. This deterioration of the metal leads to many impacts such as structure damage and material failure, leakage, environmental contamination, economic loss etc. This has made to find the solution so as to protect the material and corrosion inhibitor is one among several corrosion control strategies. These are typically molecules which adsorb onto the surface of the substrate and avoid its interaction with the environment thereby inhibiting the corrosion. These inhibitors are applied in many systems such as heat exchangers, storage tanks, boilers, cooling towers, pipes etc. Chromate being such a type of inhibitor is discriminated due to its non-environmentally friendly nature. Instead, scientific community is in search of highly performing green inhibitors for mostly employed industrially important steel materials. Curcumin and its derivatives satisfy this primary criterion along with the added advantages like economical, easy to obtain and non-toxic nature. This review covers the application of curcumin and its derivatives in corrosion inhibition of industrially important materials in different corrosive environments.

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Curcumin and Curcumin Derivatives as Green Corrosion Inhabitor-A Review